Frequently Asked Questions:

*We DO NOT process insurance at our clinic*

1. Do you treat patients with insurance?

Yes, However, we do not submit any bills to your insurance at our office. You as a patient will have to submit for reimbursement or to have a paid bill applied towards your deductible. Unfortunately for Medicare and Medicaid patients,  the government mandates you either pay out of pocket for services or go to a provider that bills Medicare and Medicaid.

2. Is US MedClinic a concierge / member only clinic?

No, We have affordable walk-in prices for all of our services in addition to member / concierge pricing.

3. Do I have to pay when I come to your office to be seen?

Yes, your bill will be due at time of service; however, in certain circumstances we can work with you and design installment payments if you are undergoing an expensive procedure.

4. Do I get to see a doctor?

Yes, all of our visits are currently run by a physician, or a nurse practitioner.

5. How is this different from the clinic at Walgreens or Wal-Mart?

We are a comprehensive primary care and minor emergency clinic with the capability to perform a wide variety of procedures and prescribe medications to treat the majority of medical problems. We are also staffed with board certified physicians.

6. What is a phone visit?

For established patients, we can diagnose and treat simple ailments over the phone saving you a trip to the office. Examples include urinary tract infections, sinus infections, allergies, reflux, etc.

7. Can I have medications, imaging studies, and labs ordered outside of your clinic?

Yes, we can give you written orders or call in an order to an outside imaging center, the local hospital, or lab in order for you to run it through your insurance.

8. Can I have Labs done without seeing a doctor?

Yes, you may request any of the hundreds of available labs without seeing a physician. As with all of our other services, you will be solely responsible for the bill. For example, this service is convenient for individuals who want to know their vitamin, cholesterol, or prostate levels without seeing a doctor.

9. Can I get labs or an X-ray performed at US MedClinic if they were ordered at another physician's office?

Yes, we can take orders from any physician or office. We will forward your results back to the ordering physician.

10. Do you have discounts for multiple family members?

Yes, we can design custom plans for your family, business, church group, etc. Please call to discuss.

11. How young of children do you see?

We are staffed with family physicians, and therefore can see children as young as infants. We will also be giving immunizations and performing well child visits, just contact us prior to your appointment so we can make sure we have any needed immunizations prior to your visit.

12. Does the membership renew and is there a contract?

The government requires us to have a contract for Medicare and Medicaid patients; for membership, it is a month to month service contract, with anytime / any reason cancelation. For non-members and walk-in service, Medicare and Medicaid patients will need to sign an statement understanding that they may not be able to submit US MedClinic bills for reimbursement. Private insurance and self-pay individuals can pay as walk-in or join with a membership on a month-to month basis. There are no hidden fees or cancelation fees of any kind.

13. What is an established patient mean?

Patients that we have seen in the clinic within the prior 12 months.

14. Does US MedClinic have electronic medical records?

Yes, we utilize electronic medical records with off-site storage and backups. You can request a copy of your records at anytime. Our records are completely private and not linked to any insurance companies or government agencies.

15. Can I communicate with email or text messaging?

Yes, once established and consented, we can communicate with alternative services such as email or text messaging.

16. Do you admit patients to the hospital?

No, at this time we do not directly admit patients to the hospital; however, we can work with local hospitalist to make sure you are getting appropriate care and close followup after discharge.

17. Are US MedClinic providers affiliated with a hospital?

Yes, US MedClinic providers are affiliated with Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, GA.

18. If I have Medicare or Medicaid can I come to the clinic?

Absolutely; however the government mandates that Medicare and Medicaid patients will need to sign an statement understanding that they may not be able to submit our bill to Medicare or Medicaid for reimbursement.

19. What types of payments do you accept?

Cash, Check, Cashiers check, Check card, Credit Card, American Express.... We may even barter for goods or services!

20. How long does it take to get an appointment?

For members, same or next day service is standard. Walk-in and non-members first come, first serve. Currently we have minimal waits for all patients.

21. Do I have to fill out a bunch of paperwork each time I come to the clinic?

Not at all, paperwork will be minimized. We will spend our time keeping your health record accurate and complete, rather than spending time making sure the proper insurance document is scanned.

22. How private is my medical record?

Because we do not submit your record and bill to the insurance company or the government, your record is much more  private than at other physicians offices. We will only send your record to whomever you request.

23. Can other providers access my US MedClinic record?

Physicians and providers in other clinics cannot access your records, however we can fax, email, or print your record at any time with adequate notice upon your request to release them.

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