Welcome 2020!

With increasing healthcare premiums, let US MedClinic help lower the expenses for you and your business. Call today or drop by to discuss with our staff how using a “Direct Pay Clinic” can save you big money.

According to Managed Care magazine, the annual cost of family medical coverage broke $20,000 for the first time in 2019. The trend is going to continue. The bureaucracy of medical care, insurance, and the hospital system is only going to continue to worsen.

Americans spent $3.49 trillion on healthcare in 2017! Official figures for 2018 and 2019 are still pending. By 2027, projections show healthcare will hit $16,907 for every man, women, and child within the US, accounting for 19.4% of the entire economy.

Deductibles and out of pockets are escalating as well! Over 28% of all covered workers are now covered by plans with deductibles of at least $2,000. Furthermore, 1 in 8 employees have a $3,000 or larger deductible. Direct-Pay is part of the answer! Come by the clinic or call to see how we can save you and your business some money!

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