“I recommend these folks without reservation! Amy Hicks is a gift to health care! She listens, she shows genuine concern, and makes recommendations that make sense! And, there is a price list! So you know how much your visit is costing! This concept of health care has been needed for a very long time!” -TD.

Wonderful staff and very caring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


“I absolutely love US MedClinic! As a small business owner, having access to affordable, quality healthcare is extremely important to my family. US MedClinic makes that possible. The staff is extremely friendly, the location is very very clean, and the services are top notch for the small investment their services require. I recommend them to anyone I can.” -BL

I am really impressed with the staff. Affordable and knowledgeable. I got relief from an autoimmune disease and I’m so happy I came here.


“These guys and girls are GREAT. I’ve been going to US Med since they opened and the care and assistance that I have received has been exceptional. Now several of my employees are also using US Med and they have told me they really like the service and the people there.

I highly recommend US Med to anyone who needs medical care, especially if they want to interact with people that are concerned, who want to understand whats wrong and that want to help you get back up and going.

Personally I want to say thank you to everyone there who has helped me and that makes this one of the very best medical facilities I have ever been to.” -PZ

They were so great with my grandson. He has a fear of needles, but they put him totally at ease so that he willingly took a shot for strep. I was well pleased!


“They are my miracle doctor very educated and respectful first doctor to help me in 5 years thank you so much forever grateful and very cheap plans for non insurance amazing doctors!” -KO