Family, Urgent, & Occupational Medicine:

As a Direct-Pay practice, we DO NOT process health insurance; This allows us to save you money & provide exceptional care!

Family Medicine: US MedClinic offers comprehensive Family Medicine. We provide wellness, routine, and management for chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as offer immunizations for prevention as well as travel. We offer same day sick visits for children, teenagers, and adults alike. In house laboratory services, capability to perform a wide range of procedures, & onsite X-ray gives our staff the capability to manage and treat a wide variety of conditions.

Urgent Care: US MedClinic is here for your family’s & employee’s minor emergencies. From laceration repair to basic fracture management, or IV fluids, we can handle a wide range of urgent care concerns. We have X-ray on-site for expedited evaluation.

Occupational Medicine: Worker’s comp insurance is expensive. Keep your employees safe, and healthy with DOT driver and employer exams, drug screens, and work-related injuries. Our affordable pricing and timely service will save you money in treatment and premiums.

Dermatology: US MedClinic is proud to offer a wide range of dermatology services from biopsy and excisions to medical treatment for a wide variety of dermatology conditions like eczema, acne, skin tags, skin cancers, etc. With onsite microscopy, we can look at a variety of rashes and skin scrapings to accurately diagnose mites, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Procedures: US MedClinic is proud to offer a wide range of minor outpatient surgical and medical procedures: Ear wax removal, Abscess and fluid drainage, skin excisions, biopsies, lump and bump excisions, laceration repairs, steroid joint and tissue injections, and fracture management are just a handful of the procedures our staff with decades of medical experience can handle.