With decades of medical experience, US MedClinic providers offer a wide range of outpatient services ranging from Family Medicine to Urgent Care.

Adult General / Family Medicine

At US MedClinic, we treat the entire family including children and the elderly! We provide wellness, chronic care management and sick visits for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

With a core of Family Medicine trained staff, we have decades of experience diagnosing, treating, managing, and preventing a wide variety of medical conditions including Diabetes & Weight problems, Blood Pressure & Cardiac, Cholesterol, Thyroid & Hormone, Arthritis, Rheumatoid & Immune problems, Migraines & Neurological problems, and women’s health just to name a few!

We also help prevent and delay the development of medical conditions. We can recommend and/or coordinate or provide preventive medical services such as colonoscopies, mammograms, stress tests, vaccines, prostate exams, etc.

Urgent Care / Walk in Clinic

At US MedClinic, we treat a wide variety of acute problems, including lacerations, fractures, sprains and strains, bumps and everyday minor emergencies in addition to the common colds and illnesses. We have X-ray on-site for expedited evaluation of common conditions.

From Poison Ivy, to allergic reactions, we keep both a variety of injectable medications on hand to get you better fast.  Come see us during flu season, back to school, or when you can’t get in to see your PCP for efficient and affordable service!

We perform a variety of minor surgical services related to injuries and infections including draining abscesses, infected toe nails, splinter extractions, etc.

With a variety of oral, ear, eye, and inhaled medications on hand, you can avoid another trip to the pharmacy and just purchase medications from our small in-house pharmacy.

DOT and Occupational Medicine

At US MedClinic, we offer employers and individuals a wide range of occupational services. From spirometry exams to initial medical exams, occupational injury evaluation and treatment, we can help your business save money and keep a healthy workforce. We have multiple DOT certified medical examiners.

Men’s Health

At US MedClinic, we have both male and female providers offering men’s health services such as employment exams, yearly wellness exams, testosterone level checks, prostate exams, and routine skin cancer screening exams.

We can perform STD testing for possible exposures or routine checks, prescribe and manage testosterone supplementation and erectile dysfunction medications.

We know aging can be difficult, but we are here to optimize your energy, muscle strength, and sexual function.

Women’s Health

At US MedClinic, we have both male and female providers offering women’s health services such as PAP smears, well women exams, breast exams, routine skin exams.

We can perform STD testing for possible exposures or routine checks, prescribe and manage birth control medications.

We know aging can be difficult and can help you manage menopause symptoms, with medications or hormone supplementation.

Laboratory Services

At US MedClinic, we have capability to run in-house, standard lab, and STAT laboratories. Our STAT services are available for a limited amount of lab analysis, but can be helpful especially when determining if a patient needs some form of immediate intervention.

Laboratory services include routine blood, tissue, and fluid analysis including general blood analysis like cholesterol, kidney and liver function, blood counts, thyroid, and vitamin B-12 and D level, Sexually-Transmitted diseases, and culture testing for bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

We can also test for rare and uncommon conditions such as lyme disease, immune system conditions, and 3rd world infections like malaria.

For tissue analysis, we utilize a comprehensive pathology department that has specialized divisions to look at PAP tests, Skin biopsies, and lump/bump excisions.


At US MedClinic, we carry a wide range of vaccines, from tetanus, meningitis, and hepatitis. We can also special order travel vaccines for overseas trips.